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The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Getting There

You will need to pre-book your skydive, especially in the busy months of the year (October to March). Fortunately in Dubai, where the weather is mostly pretty good, your chance of a successful booking is high. There can often be waits of 1-2 weeks, so it can be important to plan if you want a certain time or day.

They have a plane taking off every 30mins through the day.

SkyDive Dubai is at the base of the Palm Jumeirah, with the runway extending out into the water. This gives you the perfect location to skydive over one of the most iconic landmarks and one of the only ways you can really appreciate the "palm" shape of the reclaimed land.

The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai

The cost is AED1999.00 (USD730). This includes everything you need for the skydive as well as your video and images.

Local Knowledge


Dubai has a huge number of activities for tourists, from calm cultural experiences to adrenaline rush adventures! Whatever your preference you are sure to find something that suits.

In addition to the skydive over the Palm, there is the option with SkyDive Dubai to do training courses, tandem jumps and simulations at the Desert Campus. Licensed divers can take qualified persons on coached individual dives.

For the most part, you will be booking for a tandem dive, where a licensed instructor is strapped to you, or vice versa!

Where To Stay


SkyDive Dubai is relatively close to hotels on the Palm Jumeirah and also the JBR/Dubai Marina area. I would strongly recommend Fairmont The Palm if you are looking for a Palm hotel - it is especially good for families and has access to a private beach area. Otherwise Intercontinental Dubai Marina is also very nice and sits on the marina, with easy walking distance to mall, restaurants and The Walk promenade.

Another alternative is to look at serviced apartments such as Suhar apartments. This can be a much more affordable option and are in a great location. Buying food or eating out is easy in this area and will easily offset the cost of hotel food also.

The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai

What To Do


The operation at SkyDive Dubai is really professional. From the time you check in for your jump to the time you leave. 

There is a bit of a wait between when you are required to arrive, fill out paperwork (the standard health questionaire and liability forms). They take you through all the safety aspects of the jump with your instructor. Each jumper is assigned an instructor and a videographer - this is a great feature that most places don't offer. You will get a personalised video and photos that are taken by another professional jumper, rather than selfies taken by your tandem instructor.

The jump itself is a massive adrenaline rush. Watch the video link to get a great idea. I don't think anything describes the feeling better than the obvious anxiety in my voice and facial expressions pre-jump compared with the excitement post!

On the way up in the plane, they make sure they keep you really relaxed and the guys are great at making sure you're ready to go! There was time for my wife and I to "enjoy" the pre-jump nerves and share the moment we were about to have! I was really fortunate to have a great pair of guys as my instructor and videographer, they made conversation really easy and even during the dive, the interaction was awesome!

The feeling of "falling" out of an aeroplane is indescribable. Fear, excitement, unknown, trust.......its a completely overwhelming combination of emotions that i really cant describe. The freefall goes so fast you don't really have any time to look at anything and it was great to have a bit of fun with the videographer. Once the parachute opens, you have plenty of time to sit back and take in the views. The view over the palm, out to the Burj al Arab, the Marina area and all the way up to Downtown is breathtaking. You can easily see well beyond the city and into the uninhabited desert. It is truly the best way to view Dubai!

After the landing they ask you to wait around for just 10-15 minutes and then provide you with a copy of CD's that contain still images and a video of your jump. As you will see, the video is really well done and whilst I haven't skydived anywhere else, I haven't seen quality videos like this provided to friends who have jumped in other places around the world.


The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai
The Palm Dubai, UAE - Sky Dive Dubai



There is a small cafe at SkyDive Dubai where you can get food and drinks after your jump. There is also a bar associated with SkyDive Dubai - Zero Gravity, that is really popular for staff and jumpers. 

Not far from SkyDive Dubai is the Marina and The Walk which have a number of options for eating out. I can strongly suggest looking at Pier 7 on the Marina, which is a 7 story building, each having a different themed restaurant. A great option is Asia Asia and getting a table outside on the balcony for really great views over the Marina.

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