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Portofino, Italy - Summer in Italy

Sunday, 01 March 2020 | Portofino, Italy

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This secluded coastal resort embodies what Italian summers are. Picturesque fishing boats dot the harbour, surrounded by colourful buildings lined up around the ragged coastline. There isn’t a lot to do once you arrive, but it’s almost the journey to get here that is part of the excitement as you wind your way through staggeringly small corners on roads and around the villages of Santa Margarita Liguria and Paraggi. Check out for yourself what it’s like to have date night on the harbour in this behind the scenes exclusive from my vlog!

If you’re renting a car, there’s a safe and secure 24-hour car park in Santa Margherita Liguria where you can consolidate your luggage for an overnight stay in Portofino. From there, walk down to either the ferry terminal, to a boat pick up or taxi stand and head into Portofino in style and with a chance to take in the breathtaking views, without taking an inch of paint off your car.

Portofino, Italy - Summer in Italy
Portofino, Italy - Summer in Italy

Once you’ve arrived, check in at Eight Hotels Portofino and then explore the harbour. There’s plenty of picturesque corners, international labels and Castle Brown the overlooks the harbour for breathtaking photos. Book a table at Restaurant Strainer for a sunset dinner, complete with Truffle pasta finished off in a giant wheel of parmesan. 

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