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Photographing The Divided Road In Dubai

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 | Dubai

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Where to find the iconic split road in Dubai.

Dubai has a lot of locations that have become iconic and sometimes viral on social media. Some don’t even exist - have you seen the photos of the road covered in sand with the skyline in the background   The road exists and the skyline exists, but not in the same frame like that! It’s photoshopped! 

One location I often get asked about for directions is the split road! It’s a road (actually it’s a cycle track) that forks around a tree. The tree is a Muraika tree and traditionally in the UAE people would avoid cutting down these trees, so it wasn’t uncommon for these trees to be in the middle of round abouts or for roads to deviate around them.

This tree is in Al Qudra, which is actually a great spot to go for photos anyway - there’s some nice dunes, lakes, even flamingoes!

The pin for the exact location of this tree is listed here. Be aware that it is part of the designated cycle track, so make sure to watch out and give way to cyclists - you’re on their road! It’s nice at sunrise, sunset or if there’s a storm!

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