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Best Pizza In New York City

Wednesday, 01 September 2021 | New York

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New York has an incredible food scene with anything from extravagant fine dining right through to the street corner hot dog’s (a must for anyone visiting NYC). But one thing remains as truly iconic to the Big Apple - a slice from your favorite pizza shop!

The topic of where to get the best pizza in New York is hotly contested & everyone has their favourite haunt. I decided to request lots of local knowledge & then put it to the test by sampling as many pizza places as I could during one visit to New York………all in the name of research!

Here is my feedback rated in pizza slices out of 5 


Bleeker Street Pizza - West Village

Bleeker Street Pizza - West Village

Bleeker Street Pizza:

69 7th Ave S, West Village

Some great reviews & claims to be NY’s best pizza! We found it a little underwhelming. 
We sat in & the atmosphere was nice but the staff were pretty flat. The pizza itself: the vegetables were a bit soggy & not as exciting for a place promoted as the best. Good crust & base, especially if you’re a thin crust fan!
Rating: 🍕🍕

Patsy's Pizzeria - Upper West Side

Patsy's Pizzeria - Upper West Side

Patsy’s Pizzeria: 

61 W 74th St, Upper West Side

I love a traditional Italian brick oven! Loved the interior of this place.

As someone who doesn’t mind getting adventurous with what goes on a pizza, they have a really great range of toppings! They’ll also do 50:50 splits on toppings for large pizzas. Perfectly cooked!

Service was a bit slow, but they were busy and we were lucky to squeeze in for a table!

Was one of our favourite places.

Rating: 🍕🍕🍕🍕

99 Cent Pizza - Multiple Locations

99 Cent Pizza - Multiple Locations

99 Cent Pizza:

143 W 40th St, Midtown. (Many other locations)

This is your late night cheese fix! There’s lots of these shops around Manhattan aNd they’re an easy stop for a quick feed.

The pizzas aren’t gourmet by any stretch and there isn’t a great variety in toppings. But, because they’re always busy, the slices are always hot & fresh! The pizza itself actually isn’t to bad - soft, thin base with lots of cheese. and, they’re super cheap! $2.75 for 2 slices and a can of soft drink (soda). They definitely get marks for value for money!

Rating: 🍕🍕🍕


Corner Slice - West Gotham Market

Corner Slice - West Gotham Market

Corner Slice:

600 11th Ave / W 45th St, Gotham West Market

Trendy pizza spot in Gotham West Market. Loved the interior, staff were super friendly & the options/toppings are really great. But……….the reheated slices were cold. Even the cheese hadn’t melted. Was such a shame because the taste was pretty good but it’s really hard for me to look past cold pizza.

Rating: 🍕🍕

My Pie Pizzeria Romana - East Side

My Pie Pizzeria Romana - East Side

My Pie Pizzeria Romana:

690 Lexington Ave, East Side.

Authentic Italian pizzas cooked in the traditional Taglia Alla Romana way - includes a 3 day process for the dough and a special oven.

The pizzas are really amazing and so are the staff! We visit this place every time we are in NYC and are never disappointed. Some great topping options too! Definitely add this to your list - it was close to being my favourite.

Try the chicken parmigiana and mushroom slices - personal picks!

Rating: 🍕🍕🍕🍕

Uncle Paul's Pizza - Midtown

Uncle Paul's Pizza - Midtown

Uncle Paul’s Pizza:

70 Vanderbuilt Ave, Midtown

Casual eat in pizza restaurant where you can buy by the slice or the whole pie. The large pizzas are huge! So bring your appetite. 
The pizzas are good without being outstanding and pretty good value for money! 
Definitely worth a go if you’re in this area. 
Rating: 🍕🍕🍕1/2

Stone Bridge Pizza - Midtown East

Stone Bridge Pizza - Midtown East

Stone Bridge Pizza:

16 E 41st St, Midtown East

You can either order from the menu with loads of great varieties or, even better, build your own pizza. You can create some wild combinations with so many fresh ingredients. The trick is not going over board. Really great for large groups or for fussy eaters!

It can be a little bit “fast food” style, but the actual pizzas are great and they are super environmentally conscious with lots of biodegradable packaging etc.

Really enjoyed this place!

Rating: 🍕🍕🍕🍕

Prince Street Pizza:

27 Prince St, Soho
Restaurant that is famous for being the "home of the Soho Square". Can get extremely busy - we actually had to come back a 3rd time rather than stand in a long line. 

The pizza is seriously good! Doesnt have much option to eat in, so your mostly looking at buying by the slice to take away. In terms of the actual pizza, this one coms closer to being the best in New York!

Rating: 🍕🍕🍕🍕

Photo: @julianaspizza

Photo: @julianaspizza

Juliana's & Grimaldi's:

Juliana's: 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn

Grimaldi's: 1 Front St, Brooklyn

Brooklyn has an amazing food scene and many will claim they also have the best pizza places in New York! Juliana's & Grimaldi's are next door to each other and the queues lining up to get in to either restaurant can be staggering!

Grimaldi's is famous for only ever serving whole pies - no slices, cooked in their authentic stone over.

They are great places to have lunch if you are in Brooklyn to check out DUMBO, the Brooklyn Promenade or walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

We never made it in to try the pizzas as the queues were literally more than 2 hours! We will be back in NYC in Dec 2021, so will make a pledge to go and try them both and report back with a rating. If you've been, drop a review in the comments section below.

Rating: let me know!

Joe's Pizza - West Village

Joe's Pizza - West Village

Joe's Pizza:

7 Carmine St, West Village

This is a bit of a late night institution - selling pizza by the slice to people on their way home. This is your classic buy a slice and stand at the counter eating from a paper plate! You will tick your iconic NYC pizza moment at Joe's.

There are several locations around, however the one in West Village is the original, so come here for your Joe's experience!

The slices are no fuss pizza, done well. Go, order a slice of cheese pizza and enjoy!

Rating: 🍕🍕🍕🍕


Champion Pizza:

17 Cleveland Place, Soho

Another late night pizzeria that had pretty good reviews. Unfortunately, our slices were served cold. Great service and has all the NYC pizzeria charm, but it’s hard to give high marks for cold pizza.

Rating: 🍕🍕


5 Boroughs Pizza:

386 Canal St, Soho

Another walk-in pizza by the slice……but this one didn’t impress. Slices were cold and lacked that vibe of other places.

Rating: 🍕


Carve: Unique Sandwiches & Pizza:

760 8th Ave, Midtown

This is an authentic NYC corner diner - complete with the friendliest staff you’ll find! They serve up sandwiches, pastries and pizza by the slice. So if you need a bit more variety, this might be the spot for you! One pure pizza, there are a couple that I rated higher, but the combination of great staff and variety for your “non-pizza” friends pushes this up the list. Definitely worth trying.


Rating: 🍕🍕🍕🍕

Emily: Winner 🏆

35 Downing St, West Village

Saving the best til last! This came highly recommended and lived up to expectation! There are a couple of restaurants, however we always find ourselves coming back to West Village. It is normally always busy and you can book via their app. Even when we have just walked in, the staff will do everything to find you a table. 
These square pizzas are amazing and the options are modern twists! I love the “Emzie” with garlic and mushrooms - this is my “favourite pizza in NYC”! Order this and a side of the curly fries and you won’t be disappointed.
Love everything about this place and it’s one of my first stops everytime I land in New York.

Rating: 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 WINNER 🏆 


This list is far from finished! If you have another suggestion or review, add it to the comments and give your rating out of 5 slices 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

Add the google maps links and I’ll be sure to visit there next time I’m in NYC!

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